Media 4 Women Entrepreneur Marketing Package

Rico Caveglia is one of our Entrepreneurial clients who, at 73 is launching a new business called “Vitality for Life”. The video above was taped on our radio show and shares his story and product.

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Each package is customized for your business. The following services are included in this package, in addition to value-added components designed to enhance and expand your visibility and increase sales.

Media 4 Women Enterprises will provide a variety of Marketing and Media services throughout the length of this agreement, including:

1. Business Analysis and Structure
2. Website Analysis-Recommendations-Revisions (where applicable)
3. SEO
4. Brand Identity (Logo recommendations, analysis of current image)
5. Social Media Plans-Set up of primary accounts; postings; monitoring; call to actions; measurement of responses
6. Video Production-based upon analysis and what is best for the Marketing strategies
7. Radio Interviews
8. Television Interviews-where applicable and if business is ready; extra expenses may be involved depending upon various factors
9. Publishing and Publications
10. Opportunities to present and/or exhibit at our Conferences, Seminars and other Events
11. Promotions for YOU to Speak and Present at Events
12. PR and Advertising-exposure to a national and global audience
13. Networking-introductions to valuable contacts and potentially large databases
14. Assistance and Support to help guide you to meet the goals of your business
15. Ongoing Assessment of your SALES-Financial Goals are an important component of Media 4 Women’s overall plan for the success of your business

MONTH 1: Complete Analysis and Evaluation of Current Business
• Analysis includes:
o the strength of your brand
o your message, is it clear?
o your website presence, appearance and traffic
o your online presence, are you being found?
o your call to action (CTA)
o your Social Media
o your sales and conversion rate
• Development of Strategic Plan for your Business to Meet Your Goals
o Getting laser focused on your ONE main thing
o Getting a clear message, easily communicated to your audience
o Describing your VALUE
o Putting the BEST PRICE on your services or products
o Creating the necessary Marketing components; landing page, videos, easy pay systems, plugging into all applicable networks
o Measuring the results

MONTH 2: Begin Implementation of New Strategic Marketing Plan
• All of the items listed in the Development from Month 1 is Implemented in Month 2, with a roll-out schedule
• Month 2 will include the first signs of response and the most optimal ways to measure the responses

MONTH 3: Ramp Up the PR and Advertising of YOU and Your Business
• Once the first steps are in place and the content is solid, we begin an aggressive PR and Advertising Campaign
• Media Kits are created and sent to numerous media outlets
• The goal is to get YOU “out there”…your Brand image will be on display
• Interviews, articles, TV and Radio, videos, Social Media, email blasts, events, networks, speaking
• A Clear CTA (Call to Action) will prompt a direct response from each activity
• Selling begins to ramp up

MONTH 4: Focus is on the SALES and the Customer Responses
• We will address the progress of your Brand, your Presence, your Message and the Conversion Rate of Sales
• What is working? What is not working?
• Revise, Change, Correct, Add—Whatever is needed to increase SALES
• May need to address your business services or products; your process; your quality; your support; whatever is involved with helping or hindering your sales
• All of the ongoing Marketing Activities is continuing during this time

MONTH 5: To Be Determined

MONTH 6: To Be Determined

Based upon the performance and progress of the first 4 months, we will determine what the needs are for Months 5 and 6. Our services will continue throughout all 6 months but specific and custom tasks will change based upon the progress of meeting the business’ goals.

Payments are due at the beginning of each 30-day time period based upon the date your contract began. You can cancel at any time but will not be refunded for payments made.